Make Employee Appreciation a Year-Round Activity

Like the saying goes, a dog isn’t just for Christmas. Employees should feel appreciated year-round.

Because Profiles is a global organization in over 120 countries, we are lucky to get a little geography and culture lesson every time our national directors come to Texas. We also work with small, medium, and large businesses all over the U.S.

We meet up with all of our colleagues a few times a year, and I love hearing the details of how they all conduct their businesses and what has attributed to their success.  I could sit there for hours, soaking up their words of wisdom and learning about their home countries or states.

One factor that seems to be consistent for many of our successful colleagues is that they appreciate their worker bees. By worker bees, I mean the people that execute and maintain the operations of their businesses. Just like the saying goes, a dog isn’t just for Christmas. Employers should take this approach with their employees year-round. Have you ever felt like you were dispensable, that you were just working for one purpose without being appreciated? Many of us have. That feeling makes you dread coming to work, and you work every day, unmotivated to finish those mundane tasks.

Smart business leaders, like many that I work with year round, understand that employees mean so much more to a business. There are so many benefits to showing a little appreciation for your people, like morale boost, motivation, engagement, work ethic, and a positive working environment, are to name a few. But that’s not only what today’s blog post is about.

I am going to share with you some of the unique, creative, and also very basic (and cheap) ways to say thanks to the people that truly are the backbone to your company.

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