Can Technology Impact Employee Engagement?

Leaders at businesses of all kinds are concerned with employee engagement. Why? Engagement impacts everything from workplace morale to the company's bottom line. There are many ways organizations attempt to create an engaged workforce, like technologies meant to help employees feel valued and foster their productivity.

Among the core factors for employee engagement outlined by ZDNet are workplace environment, interesting work, personal growth, autonomy, recognition and tools to support essential tasks. Many of these practically invite technology to help bolster them, such as the autonomy remote work can afford and the valuable tools technology can give workers to complete their jobs as smoothly as possible.

However, many aspects of engagement simply can't be replaced by technology. Interesting, meaningful work will be fulfilling whether or not there is a program or app that can help an employee complete it. Conversely, an employee in the wrong position for his or her personality won't find it interesting, no matter how much gamification is applied to it.

For technology to have an impact on employee engagement, it's important to place new hires in jobs they will enjoy and thrive in at the outset. Without this essential element of engagement in place, no amount of technology will remedy the basic mismatch between employee and work. With a good fit between the worker and the job, however, technology can be very useful.

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