We offer a variety of support options to assist you in finding the right career for you based on your personal strengths and goals, etc.


A.  Getting Started:

  1. Initial Consultation - Backgound Info. - No Charge

  2. Next Steps -m The Pathway Planner™ is an in-depth career assessment test you can use as an educational and career planning tool to help you discover what career possibilities best suit you. Finding the right career match greatly increases your probability for success and satisfaction.

The Pathway Planner Report will:

  • Provide an overview of unique strengths, talents, and abilities

  • Help studentschoose majors and degrees that match their thinking style, personality traits, and interests

  • Assist adults in transitioning from one career to another

  • Provide a way for people to learn about their unique abilities and validate their career choices

  • Identify career possibilities and offers insight into occupations for the highjly skilled, competitive workforce

  • Provide access to resources that will assist in career planning and job search


B.  Going Forward:


P3 offers additional suppot and coaching

  • Fully develped Career Path Plan with Goals, Milestones, and Monitoring approaches

  • Coaching on as needed basis

  • Resume development

  • Assisted job search