Career Planning and Coaching

Career Coaching helps you to Identify key factors related to career, academic, and life satisfaction. Gain focus, clarity and confidence in your career, academic and job search. Choose careers and/or educational courses that "fit" your needs and learn strategies to compensate problem areas as well as develop a plan to meet your career, academic and life goals to Activate your plan!

The Process Includes:

  • Assessment of needs, interests, values, skills, and personality characteristics
  • Clarification of academic and career goals
  • Development of a realistic plan of action
  • Guided research

Clients include:

  • Individuals seeking a career change
  • College and university students/graduates determining a career path
  • High school students deciding on course selection
  • Homemakers returning to work
  • Individuals with academic concerns
  • Employment Programs for disabled, social assistance
  • Laid-off workers
  • Pre-retirees